360 degree performance reviews give better perspectives to employees

Every employee knows and is familiar with the limited feedback that they receive in semi-annual or a yearly basis.  These reviews give very limited information as it is done by the manager from a single mind’s perspective. Getting reviewed by your manger does give you a small indication of how you are performing but those reviews do not help you with your growth in the company. 360 degree performance review are very different from normal review by a manager.  360 degree performance reviews are designed to focus on three specific areas:

  • Reviewing and identifying measures for improvement and new skills
  • Measuring the track for improvement and new skills
  • Identifying certain behavior indicators that people may be directly or indirectly affected by

While normal reviews are done by a single person, 360 degree performance reviews are done by managers, several other peers and your colleagues on various different indicators such as team work, communication among the people, complying with business protocols and the behavior around the organization. The main focus for asking all the people that work with you to provide a feedback is to help the employee further improve and grow in the company and have a long term career development,. With many people providing feedback from different perspectives, it helps to get a clear picture on where does the employee stands.

It is important for the employee to regular feedback to ensure that they are doing the right thing. With constructive feedback, it gives the employee the room for improvement. As the common saying goes to that to learn anything and be an expert at it, it takes about 10,000 hours of practice. But if you do not get feedback in these 10,000 then you will be making the same mistake. In order to make this time worth it, you need to have high quality feedback coming on your way.

Another great example of why constant review is every important is programming. When you do any technical job like coding or doing a design work, you get instant feedback from the system that there is an error in the code or the alignment is not coming. This instant feedback helps the technical expert to resolve all the issues and they can address it to fix it. The feedback provided by the system is indisputable and accurate.

Similarly if you are working in a business environment, getting instant feedback may be hard as more time is devoted towards planning, analyzing and executing. But it is important to get constructive feedback time to time to help your skills further develop in a company. Even though 360 degree feedback gives you the drawbacks of any employee, it simply won’t change the person. The change has to come within the person only if they follow the 360 degree performance review accurately.

It is important to implement 360 degree feedback for business to give a wider perspective and help the person grow. Implementing 360 degree evaluations will certainly help more than just giving seasonal singular person feedback