Our IT & SEO Programs

CITO IT & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Programs – How We Make Next Happen

CITO makes next happen by investing in research, moving the results to the marketplace and developing the potential of next-generation innovators and entrepreneurs.

Research Program

The OCE Research Program is focused on meeting the competitive needs of Ontario industry by tapping into the remarkable potential for Ontario colleges, universities and research hospitals to act as generators of innovation. It consists of four targeted initiatives:

* Interact: Research search engine optimization (SEO) collaborations that create new industry-academic relationships.

* Proof of Concept: Feasibility studies that test an idea to mitigate the risk of further research investments.

* Champions of Innovation: Research projects that develop disruptive technologies with the potential to create new markets and form the basis for new start-up companies.

* Collaborative Research: Research collaborations between industry and academia that move technologies from the lab to the marketplace.

Commercialization Program

The OCE Commercialization Program addresses the “innovation gap” between valuable research results and the new, marketable products and services that drive economic growth. It consists of three initiatives:

* Market Readiness: Prepares entrepreneurs and their technologies for the market by investing in a range of activities, including market analysis, technology validation and business plan development.

* Accelerator Investment: Pre-seed investment of up to $250,000 into a new company commercializing academic research.

* Martin Walmsley Fellowship for Technological Entrepreneurship: Supports a researcher creating a new technology-based startup company.

Talent Program

The OCE Talent Program generates the next-generation innovators and entrepreneurs. It consists of five initiatives that support innovators at various stages of their development:

* Connections: Supports research collaboration between final-year undergraduate students and companies – creating an early opportunity to conduct industry-relevant research.

* International Scholarships: Gives student researchers opportunities to work with international leaders in their field.

* Conference Travel Awards: Supports opportunities for student researchers to present their research and to network with peers.

* Value Added Personnel (VAP): Helps student researchers develop essential skills to complement their technical expertise.

* First Job: Makes it possible for companies to hire young researchers with significant academic experience and potential.